You know a tree squirrel if you see a bushy tail and a rodent that can climb high in a tree. They can often find themselves indoors through loose siding or ventilation screens and pose a major problem. Walls can be damaged as well as electrical wires and more property because they will eat away at certain elements. Tree squirrels include: the eastern gray squirrel, the red squirrel, fox squirrel, the northern flying squirrel and the southern flying squirrel. The most common causes of damage usually come from the eastern gray as well as the flying squirrels.

It is important to know their breeding habits and living location to understand the best way to control their populations. Fox squirrels breed in December, January and June. They live in hickory oak environments. Eastern gray squirrels have similar breeding habits, and they like to live in urban yards, typically. Red squirrels are the smallest of the three mentioned. They usually live in coniferous forests, also in mixed conifer and hardwood forests. Their breeding season is typically February until September. Overall, the flying squirrels are smaller than other tree squirrels. The northern flying squirrel is found in the northern and central counties of the state and southern flying squirrels are found throughout the different counties of the state.

To control the damage caused by tree squirrels and flying squirrels, several measures can be taken.

First off, you can prevent squirrels from climbing power poles and each tree by encircling them with a collar of metal some distance off the ground. Don’t lock squirrels inside, however. A one-way door can be used as an opening.

Their environment can be altered as well. You can try to keep trees at least a few feet away from buildings so they don’t jump on your roof.

There are several types of repellants that can be used, including taste repellants. Some of which are sticky and attach to the squirrel’s feet to prevent them to move.

Traps can capture living squirrels. Tie doors open two to three days early to get squirrel used to eating from it. Then check it twice a day. Once the animal is trapped, it can be released into the yard.

There are times when you may need to use more than one method, or you can use a single method several times to work effectively.

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