Top Tips to Keep Wild Animals in the Wild

Top Tips to Keep Wild Animals in the Wild

Wild animals move towards the human community whenever they want to stay safe from seasonal changes such as extreme warm, cold, and rainy season. It is because our homes have more easy access of warmth, food and shelter to these curious critters than the wild world. Squirrels and opossums mostly do this in fall season to prepare for the colder months. These animals spread diseases by biting whenever they feel threatened and it becomes very difficult to eradicate these wild creatures. This is the reason that we have to take animal-proof steps to save our property from such elements. Here are the different top tips that we can follow to let the wild animals stay away from the basement and other parts of your property. You can also call your regional wildlife support control officer if you have encountered theses nuisance animals in your home.  

Screen Vents


Opening along the roof lines, damages vents, and uncapped chimneys are the specific ways that Raccoons and other animals use for getting in the house. Here your duty is to check whether these openings are properly screened or not. if there is a need of repairing broken part then make efforts by yourself or call the expert to do the task for yourself for hindering the path of squirrels.   

Properly Cover the Trash

Hygiene is very important part of life but do we have noticed that what are the consequences we keep the trash bins place outside or inside out home opened. Opened bins gives invitation to wild animals to come and search for the leftover food which further lead them to enter your home. Therefore, it is your responsibility to screen these items as these prevention steps can produce much better results by saving you from threats.
Cut Back Vegetation

Unfortunately, the garden of your house is another thing which drags squirrels and wild rabbits towards human colonies. They use tree branches for getting inside the homes through roof lines. You must take careful measures such as cutting the trees that are close to chimneys or foundation. If you are planning to grow tree then keep them 6-8 feet away from the roof line so the animals would not reach the areas from where they could get in the house.

Clean up the Yard

keeping rubbish of leaf in the form of leaf files is another way through which wild animals hide and come inside the house. It is the ideal harbor for them because seeing you again and again restricting their way can lead them to find something that you would ignore and you would best for them. Therefore, you must clean the yard and store the firewood at the store which should be 20 feet away from the living space. Holding back the squirrels and other wild animals in a wise way is more necessary through this step.

Keep the Birds Feeder Out of the Reach

Try to hand the bird feeders at a distance where you know that the possums cannot reach. Cover birdbath so the wild animals would not get even a single chance to enter in the house.

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