Six Deadliest Spiders


Six Deadliest Creepy Crawling Spiders Found Within the U.S.


Spiders are some creepy, crawling 8-legged insects known for their web-spinning traps and by far, are the largest order of the arachnid family. With over 45,000 species worldwide, spiders can be found anywhere wherever their prey or mate may be from outdoors to the very walls and ceilings inside your house. These small, unassuming creatures are not to be underestimated, as some of them contain the most lethal venom that can either incapacitate or kill their victim and in some instances even an adult person within minutes.

Some of the six deadliest creatures found within the U.S. borders that we need to be aware of are featured below.

  1. Texan Brown Recluse Spider – though tiny in appearance, its bites is extremely venomous especially in young children. The bite stems from what is termed a “fiddleback;” and as such the recluse spider is also called the “violin spider,” “fiddler,” or “fiddleback.”  Its bite may cause itching, followed by intense pain, fever, and abdominal pain. Fatalities have occurred through massive tissue loss and subsequent infection.
  2. Black Widow Spider – remains notorious and is usually identified by the distinctive red hourglass pattern on its back. The bite of a black widow is extremely unpleasant and in the 1950s was responsible for 63 deaths in the United States alone. Symptoms such as severe muscle cramps, nausea, intense pain, and tachycardia are associated with the bite from the black widow.
  3. Hobo Spiders – can be identified by the chevron-shaped markings on their abdomens and can be found in areas such as Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. The bite from a hobo spider usually develops into a blister around the bite after 24-36 hours, and this will subsequently break into an oozing ulceration. Other resulting symptoms can range from nausea, fatigue to vision impairment. If bitten by the hobo spider, medical attention must immediately be sought to avoid any serious health effects.
  4. Red Widow Spider – is found mainly in central and southeastern Florida and is easily distinguished form the black widow, by its black abdomen and its reddish-orange head, thorax, and legs. Its venom is highly potent as it is a neurotoxin causing sustained muscle spasm which can be fatal to anyone having any heart condition.
  5. The Mouse Spider – though not native to the United States is still found within the walls of the U.S. With a bright red head and large, elongated fangs, the mouse spider has been known to inflict a deep and painful bite which will seriously affect young children, who will definitely need immediate first aid and medical attention.
  6. Wolf Spider – also known as the “ground spider” or the “hunting spider” is a hairy, ground dweller that does not weave any web. Being brown or gray in color with stripe-like markings much like the Union Jack on its back, the wolf spider will bite only if provoked. Though the bite is poisonous and painful, it is not lethal but medical attention and first aid must be quickly sought especially if young children and the elderly are bitten by this arachnid.

So whether you be gardening, camping or hiking in the outback or merely cleaning house and should encounter any one of these  deadly 8-legged spiders, it is recommended that full avoidance should be exercised at all cost for your own health and safety. However, should you become a victim and is unfortunately bitten by anyone of these arachnids, medical attention must quickly be sought to prevent any undue complication that may result from the poison injected into your body.


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