A Humane Approach to Removal of Wild Animals


Animals are friendly creatures but it is unfortunate that some situations demand the need for wild animal removal. Those people who reside in areas that are easily accessed by wild animals may tolerate the animals to some extent. However, an animal that becomes a bother or dangerous should be treated as a wildlife control problem. The removal of wild animals in the US has become increasingly popular and some of the common wildlife control problems include; opossums in walls, raccoons in the attic, squirrels roaming within homes, and bats residing in the chimney. Such problems demand the use of services of a professional animal trapper.

Harmful effects of Wild Animals

Asides rodent droppings and soiling of attic insulation which are disgusting, wild animal intrusion may bring in some other harmful effects. Most of the wild animals are carriers of some diseases and parasites which can easily be transmitted to humans. Furthermore, wild animals unrestrained can crawl on walls and chew electric wires or cooling ducts. This may result in fire, leakage, and other serious problems. Wild animal removal therefore proves to be essential when you encounter wild animals in your attic.


As the adage goes prevention is better than cure, the same applies to wild animal control. You can prevent wild animal intrusion by adhering to these suggestions;

  • Examination-look out for areas that are likely to be the entry points for wild animals. Seal small gaps and repair loose shingles. You should also replace any rotten piece of wood. Chimneys should also be fitted with a cap that has a screen.
  • Trees-squirrels and raccoons take advantage of trees that lead into your house. Thus you should ensure all trees that lie nearby have been trimmed so as to avoid wild animal intrusion.
  • Garbage Cans-raccoons and other wild animals are lured by garbage cans therefore ensure these cans are free from garbage at night. Put out trash at the beginning of the day so that it does not attract wild creatures at night.

Wild Animal Removal Strategies

Hiring a professional wild animal removal provider may make sense in some instances for some reasons such as personal safety and convenience. Here are some of strategies employed by experts in the removal of wild animals;


  • Basics or Full service-basic service involves the removal of the animals alone. Full service on the other hand entails removal as well as repair and prevention work. Therefore it is prudent to understand what you will get before you hire a provider.
  • Project Methodology-there are basically two options when it comes to the methodology of handling wild animals; lethal or humane. Choose a methodology that suits you best.
  • Project Scope-the project size varies widely with firms. Some will handle small animals whereas others have the ability of handling bigger animals.
  • Charges-the amount of money charged by different companies will vary depending on how they handle wild animal removal. Some providers will charge per large animal whereas others charge babies as well.



The removal of wild animals should never be taken lightly. Ensure you hire a competent firm. Check out their training, licensing, and experience. Ensure you have all of these in writing. Ultimately choose a firm that handles wildlife removal in the most humane manner.