Rat Removal and Attic Cleaning Explained


Have you discovered of late some creatures roaming and making noise within your attic? This is a scary situation but you do not have to panic. Rat activity within an attic will not only cause damage on buildings through boring of holes, but will also lead to water leaks resulting in unanticipated losses. Other dangers posed by these creatures include attic fire and increase in electricity bills when they gnaw on attic insulation. Furthermore, the holes dug by rats on your attic act as entry points for other animals and insects leading to further damage on your attic. It is with this regard therefore that rat removal and attic cleaning is essential.

Some Red Flags for Rat and Rodent Invasion

It is not complex to tell whether there are some rat or rodent visitors within your attic. Listen to scurrying noise on walls because rats and rodents do this quite often. If you hear any scurrying noise in walls then this means you have a rat or squirrel visitor.

Other things to watch out for include gnawed surfaces, animal droppings, or worn out wiring. Check out thresholds and rafters since rats and rodents love to gnaw on these surfaces. If you can see any of these signs then it is time to carry out rat removal and attic cleaning.

What about Pest Control Companies?

One of the mistakes that most homeowners make when they first encounter rats and rodents within their attic is to call pest control companies. This should never be your solution when you detect the presents of rats and rodents. Most of these firms control pests using poisons and thus they do not offer an ideal solution.

The use of poison in eliminating rats and rodents offers a temporary solution but will never solve the problem permanently. If you desire to get an ultimate solution then hire a professional rat removal and attic cleaning firm. If you decide to poison the rats yourself then rats will die in inaccessible areas within your attic resulting in bad odor all over.

Essential Steps in Rat Removal and Attic Cleaning

  1. The first and most crucial step when dealing with rats and rodents is to keep what you have and keep out additional invasion. You should seal up every possible entry point in your attic so as to prevent the entry of rats or mice in future. Seal up any potential entry point and repair chewing damage.
  2. The second step in rat removal is the use of traps. This is perhaps the most humane solution to rodent invasion. Rat and mice traps are ideal if you are not certain which of these creatures has invaded your attic.
  3. Attic cleaning is the final step in rat removal. This should be done with extreme caution. Any fecal matter should be taken out and any insulation soaked with urine removed and replaced. Once this is done, use a wildlife-approved product to sanitize the affected area.


An extensive rat removal and attic cleaning will take a month or even a week depending on the extent of rat invasion and the firm handling the task. Hire a professional if you can to ensure a comprehensive service is delivered.