Mosquitoes 101

Mosquitoes 101

Mosquitoes hurt us by biting and also cause dengue fever, yellow fever, Rift Valley fever and many other kinds of fever. The annoying small creatures which mostly appear in spring and summer season but they immediately start disappearing at the beginning of winters. There are countries which are famous as the hotbeds of mosquitoes but surprisingly the mosquitoes also disappear in these countries too. The reappearance of mosquitoes each year continuously bring problems but the question here is that where do they go during a colder season is a question for many who like to research about the reason of an action of mosquitoes.

Many people believe that mosquitoes die in winter season but actually, they hide so we would not notice them. The reason mosquitoes stay inactive is surviving in various stages of their life in the cold season.

Reproduction System of Mosquitoes

The reproduction system of female mosquitoes starts in winters when they lay eggs. She chooses the ground which is moist and the eggs remain hidden under the soil until the next season spring begins. The eggs start hatching at the beginning of summer season because it is the favorable season for mosquitoes to come out. The rise in temperature works as a pleasant time for mosquitoes to begin their life cycle in the air again.


The reason mosquitoes survive in the winter is the water which they get from the moist soil which is very important for the survival of larvae. A drop of a temperature of water shows the diapause stage of larvae which starts developing with the slow metabolism. The development of mosquitoes resumes when the water warms again in the season.

Life Cycle of Mosquitoes


The life cycle of mosquitoes goes through many stages in winter in which mating and dying of male mosquitoes also occur and some of the species adults keep their lives. The female mosquitoes stay alive by hiding in protected hollow logs. You may have found mosquitoes hiding in animal burrows; it is another place for them to spend winter. The return of summer season brings out the need of blood meal which causes the mosquitoes to bite their prey and spread diseases.

Laying in the soil is important for continuing the species of mosquitoes as if they would lay eggs in late fall, they would die soon. The strong shell of mosquitoes eggs keeps them safe from the cold weather. 3, 500 species save their groups in the same way and produce their eggs with the temperature they can bear. Dead cold weather season could not save their life and they die in cold this extremely cold temperature. Once the mother mosquitoes are filled with the energy and food by the blood they suck, they start laying eggs in the water.


Countries with medium climate are problems for mosquitoes as they cannot survive during zero temperature with a fast speed of snow falling in December and January.   The joy of not seeing mosquitoes turns in issues with the summer season.  Mosquitoes prefer warm season more than the cold season because of the system.


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