Eradicating Bed bugs from Your Home


We can all attest to the fact that of all creatures we deal with, bed bugs are the most disgusting and unbearable. These tiny creatures are characterized by a flat, red-brown oval body that normally swells to resemble a legged apple seed after indiscriminately feeding on human blood. Even though the prevalence of bed bugs has substantially declined over the years, these resilient creatures oftentimes emerge in small numbers. In such instances bed bug removal proves to be inevitable. If you are an amateur then you should begin with prevention.


  • Prevention


Bed bug infestation can occur in any home no matter how clean such a home may be. They can find their way into your residence even if it is exceptionally clean. They will crawl and find shelter in places such as under mattress stitching, on curtains, wallpaper gaps, or even skirting boards.

To prevent bugs from crawling into your bed, use a sticky tape around the legs of the bed. Alternatively, use a small pot, or cup on each of the legs of the bed. You should also avoid pushing the bed against a wall and the bed linen should not touch the floor.


  • Eliminate Clutter


The first and most crucial step in removing bed bugs is to remove clutter from your home. Take away all personal items that can easily be removed. These include electronics, toys, sheets, shoes, blankets, and many others. It is prudent to use sealable plastic bags, preferable those with Nuvan Strips, when doing this so as to avoid the transfer of bugs to other areas.


  • Treating Linens and Garments


Bed bugs that have infested garments and linen cannot be removed using an insecticide. The only safe and effective way to eliminate them is by subjecting the garments and linen to some degree of heat in a cloth dryer. You can also launder them in hot water, ideally 120 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Bed Treatment


Bed bugs hide in bed frames and thus you should dismantle bed frames to expose them.  One of the red flags for bed bug infestation on the mattress includes torn fabrics. You can spray the mattress and box spring or use encasements to prevent entry and exit of bed bugs.


  • Drawers


Other areas to watch out for during bed bug removal are desk and dresser drawers. Bed bugs use these areas to hide. Pull away all furniture from the wall and turn them over for inspection and cleaning.


  • Floors


You need a stiff brush for cleaning infested floors. This will help dislodge eggs that are stuck on the floor. You should vacuum the room thoroughly and ensure cracks and crevices on furniture are cleaned extensively. You should always use pesticides with caution when eliminating bed bugs. Check the label to ensure it is ideal for indoor use.


The secret to bed bug removal is to spot them as early as possible. This way you will deal with them when they are small in number. If you find removal of bed bugs daunting then you should hire a professional to handle the task on your behalf.