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Many signs of infestation such as small holes in the wood, buckling paint, mud tunnels, and the like, may warrant a need for termite inspection in Union City, CA. Read on to learn more about the signs of termite infestation and how you can contact the right company in Union City, CA. It is important to hire the best termite control company in Union City, CA to ensure the best results.



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Main Species of Wood Bugs

There are currently 3 major classifications by which wood termites are identified in Union City, CA:

  • Subterranean
  • Formosan
  • Dry Wood

Among the three major types, the subterranean is the most common species of these wood-eating bugs in Union City, CA. 95% of walls, ceiling and other wood structures in the home are destroyed, thanks to the propagation of this species. Bugs of this kind feed on cellulose, and the fact that cellulose can be found in wood and wood products can explain why subterranean bugs cause at least 95% of damages to homes and office structures year in and year out. These subterranean termites are the culprits behind 95% of structural damages in homes made from wood because Cellulose taken from their ingestion and destruction of wood gives them their needed nutrients to survive and multiply.

Infestation Symptoms in Union City, CA

Some of the symptoms of a termite infestation in homes were hinted in the previous paragraphs. You may find it unimaginable that creatures can silently creep into your home in Union City, CA without you knowing it, causing irreversible damage.

The following are some of the signs you can easily observe from an infested house in Union City, CA:

  • Hollow areas of walls made from wood
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Swollen floors and ceilings
  • Swarms: Winged insects form swarming tubes next to the structure and attraction to the light.
  • Smell of molds and murky water

It is important to eliminate any signs of termite once you see them. Contacting a professional will not only help you get rid of unwanted termites but also prevent them from spreading even further.

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Problematic Construction Practices Union City, CA

Annoying infestation problems in Union City, CA are often the result of faults in construction. A few simple mistakes during the construction of your home, can have a big impact on how easily these termites can access your Union City, CA home.

The following are some faulty workmanship that leads to gradual or easy infestation of these annoying bugs:

  • Drainage Issues:  Eaves that are not sufficiently extended and downspouts that are too short are issues that need to be looked at when you are worried about infestation in your area. These pests love moisture, and faults in the drainage system allow for moisture to seep in. Faults in the grading of your landscape can lead to insufficient drainage, and thus must also be taken into consideration.
  • Contact between Earth and Wood: Wooden structural elements should have the proper treatment and covers when it must meet earth or soil foundations, otherwise neglect will lead to a freeway of termites from outside to your house and an infestation develops.
  • Leftover Building Materials: Building or construction materials, especially wood, that are back-filled can serve as source of cellulose, which subterranean bugs feed on. Leaving grade stakes, form boards and spacers in slabs aren’t a good idea, either, if you are worried about these pests infecting your area. Wood that is being left over inside CMUs or masonry units can also serve as breeding grounds for these pests.
  • Home Landscaping: The practice of landscaping in Union City, CA is not a direct construction matter but in areas where the intent is within the effective vicinity of the house structure, it should be monitored. Improper grading of landscaping fields may lead to water build-up and retention within gravel and sand against the foundation of the home. Uncontrolled moisture held against the structure of the house can become nesting sites of unwelcomed guests such as termites.

As you can see, when it comes to protecting your Union City, CA home against wood damage, you must mitigate the soil to wood contact as well as ensure proper drainage to keep the soil by your foundation as dry as possible. This helps prevent incidents in Union City, CA that can cause moisture, because once moisture sets in, it will not be long before pests will invade your home.

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Home Assessment

Have your area inspected for termites and make sure to hire the services of a credible company in Union City, CA that conducts reliable inspections.

Hiring the services of professionals may be smarter, considering that the job requires a lot of crawling and creeping in the dirtiest and darkest portions of your home.

As the inspection is conducted interior and exterior surfaces of the foundation are examined and any wood in the basement or crawlspace are examined.

Additionally, these other points may be inspected:

  • All CMU’s, bricks construction, expansion joints, and cement cracks
  • Spaces where wood structures are joined
  • All parts of the foundation that are made of wood, the lower part of the home such as sills, sub floors, basement window frames, support posts and piers, and joists
  •  Wood scraps,  old tree stumps, wood fencing, and exterior frames of basement windows

Discarded wings or swarms indicate the presence of termites, and our team of busters will be looking for these, as well. An experienced home pest inspection company will be able to guide you in properly identifying problem spots in your house to prevent further deterioration of your house in Union City, CA by these annoying pests. Our experts have trained senses to detect the early stages of infestation which your untrained eye may have missed.

Termite Control Services in Union City, CA

The accuracy of the termite inspection increases the chances of deciding the best pest control solution for the situation so that you only need to perform control procedures only once. It is always best to discuss your termite control options with a professional and reputable pest control company, such as Solution Pest Control in Union City, CA. Solutions range from various chemical methods and applications in specific parts of the house and to manual extermination practices. Available control and treatment methods have their own distinct effectiveness and extent of coverage which are proportional to their prices.

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