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Your Termite Control Guide from the Best San Leandro, CA Exterminator in San Leandro, CA

Small holes in the wood? Buckling paint? Mud tunnels? Just a few of the signs that you might have a need for a termite inspection in your San Leandro, CA home or business. Seeing signs such as small holes on the wood, buckling paint, and mud tunnels means that you need to get your home or your business inspected. As with many things in life, knowledge is power!



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3 Main Types

Before anything else, you will want to know that wood-eating bugs are generally of three kinds:

  • Dry Wood
  • Formosan
  • Subterranean

The most common type is subterranean. Wood is the main food of these annoying bugs because the material contains cellulose, which is the component they use for survival and reproduction. Not surprising, most requests for termites control involve the subterranean bug.

Telltale Signs in San Leandro, CA

Some of the symptoms of a termite infestation in homes were hinted in the previous paragraphs. Among the other signs of such pests problems in San Leandro, CA include the following:

  • Slight moldy or musty smell
  • Swarms: Winged insects form swarming tubes next to the structure and attraction to the light.
  • Mud tunnels: flat and muddy looking, about the width of a pencil
  • Water damage-like appearance
  • Water-like blots on wooden surfaces

Having one or more of the signs above confirm a wood termites infestation in your home in San Leandro, CA. Being aware of how they ended up creating a breeding ground in your homes will help you in tracing possible sources of infiltration and prevent further damage to your property.

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Problematic Construction Practices in San Leandro, CA

This is one of the major causes of termites infestation in homes in San Leandro, CA. Problematic habits and practices during the construction phase of the house can easily cause major complications in the integrity of the house against wood-eating bugs.

Some of the biggest facets of problematic construction that can lead to an infestation include the following:

  • Drainage Considerations: Some builders neglect the proper practices in San Leandro, CA when constructing effective pathways of water around and away from the structure of your house. Short eaves and downspouts cause water from rain and snow tend to hold water and moisture against the walls and foundation of the house instead of carrying it away like it should. Water that seeps through the wood provides suitable environments for wood termitess to thrive in.
  • Wood in Soil Contact: If you have wood buried in or even near the edge of your soil, you’ve given a solid and direct pathway for these termitess to enter your home and this might lead to a need for termite control.
  • Storage of Wooden Materials: Wooden materials that are leftover from home construction in San Leandro, CA might end up being irresponsibly stored around and inside houses. Materials carelessly accumulated near houses become breeding grounds of various insects that cause sickness and damage, including wood bugs. Termites also get their way inside walls and ceiling because of misplaced wooden materials such as form boards, grade stakes and spacers within slabs.
  • Home Landscaping: The practice of landscaping in San Leandro, CA is not a direct construction matter but in areas where the intent is within the effective vicinity of the house structure, it should be monitored. Improper grading of landscaping fields may lead to water build-up and retention within gravel and sand against the foundation of the home. Uncontrolled moisture held against the structure of the house can become nesting sites of unwelcomed guests such as termites.

To summarize, in order to ensure your house in San Leandro, CA is defended against wood termites deterioration, wood should be terminated properly so that it does not come into contact with soil, drainage installation should be sound, and wooden structures should be moisture-free all the time.

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Home Inspection

There are companies that perform termite inspection and although you may want to do it yourself. Hiring the services of professionals may be smarter, considering that the job requires a lot of crawling and creeping in the dirtiest and darkest portions of your home.

Our experts in San Leandro, CA keenly inspect the surfaces of the foundation, inside and out.

As the inspection is conducted interior and exterior surfaces of the foundation are examined and any wood in the basement or crawlspace are examined.

Other areas inspectors and home owners should look out for are the following:

  • Storage of wood pieces, tree parts and broken wood structures
  • Structures made from  concrete masonry units, cement, and bricks
  • Wooden structures and foundations which include frames, posts, joists and sills.
  • Areas where concrete materials contact wood

Termite pros will look for discarded wings or swarms of termites which indicate their presence in a particular area. While you can do an inspection yourself, it is best to have a professional in San Leandro, CA help you out to avoid missing the signs of a beginning infestation.

This kind of job is best left in the care of professionals.

Termite Control in San Leandro, CA

Solution Termites Control in San Leandro, CA is your best bet in finding a competent and dedicated termite control company that should be able to guide you in properly inspecting your area in San Leandro, CA and performing effective treatment to your home. The rate for chemical treatments in San Leandro, CA is not the same as the rate for baiting practices, and the success rate also varies. The cost of the services is dependent on your choice of treatment. Our services varies in price as well as its success in eradicating the bugs that have invaded your home.

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