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Many signs of infestation such as small holes in the wood, buckling paint, mud tunnels, and the like, may warrant a need for termite inspection in San Francisco, CA.

Helpful details and tips are discussed below on what signs to look out for bug infestation. It can be difficult to handle active termite infestation so you

will need the help of professionals.



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3 Main Types

Termites come in three kinds:

  • Subterranean
  • Dry Wood
  • Formosan

The kind that you will see often in San Francisco, CA is the subterranean breed. These subterranean termites are the culprits behind 95% of structural damages in homes

made from wood because Cellulose taken from their ingestion and destruction of wood gives them their needed nutrients to survive and multiply. 95% of

walls, ceiling and other wood structures in the home are destroyed, thanks to the propagation of this species. Because of their prevalence, the termite

inspection services of subterranean infestations rank the highest among the demanded services from home owners.

Telltale Signs in San Francisco, CA

It takes a keen eye to detect signals that your home or office in San Francisco, CA is infested. Sometimes, a lot of damage has already been created by these pesky

bugs before you can even realize it.

Rather than fret over how they are able to get inside your home, know the following tell-tale signs that require the need for termite control so you can

seek immediate help:

  • Small mud-like tunnels on wooden window frames and walls
  • Water damage-like appearance
  • Water damage-like appearance
  • Occurrence of little ant-like insects with wings attracted to light.
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Water damage-like appearance

If you see any or all of these signs, you need termite control in San Francisco, CA. To further understand your predicament, it is best to be informed on the causes

of the infestation and possible ways on how to treat wood termite infestation.

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Problematic Construction Practices in San Francisco, CA

Annoying infestation problems in San Francisco, CA are often the result of faults in construction. Even minor glitches in the manner of construction can provide the

gateway for the wood eaters to creep in your home without anyone noticing it.

Some of the biggest facets of problematic construction that can lead to an infestation include the following:

  • Drainage Issues:  Eaves that are not sufficiently extended and downspouts that are too short are issues that need to be looked at when you are worried

about infestation in your area. These termites love moisture, and faults in the drainage system allow for moisture to seep in. Faults in the grading of your

landscape can lead to insufficient drainage, and thus must also be taken into consideration.

  • Wood in Soil Contact: If you have wood buried in or even near the edge of your soil, you’ve given a solid and direct pathway for these pests to enter

your home and this might lead to a need for termite control.

  • Improper Disposal of Materials: After construction in San Francisco, CA, there are some builders who carelessly pile their leftover building materials in hidden

areas, like the back of your house. Wooden materials left outside are prone to moisture and water seepage, which becomes a fertile breeding and survival

ground for pests. Wood leftovers, such as spacers, form boards and grade stakes, should never be stored anywhere inside concrete masonry units.

  • Landscaping: Landscaping jobs may not necessarily mean a lack of care practice when it comes to construction in San Francisco, CA, but when they are not correctly

graded, they can cause infestation problems. One important thing to note is that these pests absolutely love it when there’s too much gravel on the

foundation of your house or building from landscaping jobs because that only means one thing - moisture.

If you cannot avoid construction works or landscaping jobs in San Francisco, CA, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce the possibility infestation. Make

sure you have a good drainage system that actually works.

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Home Inspection

A competent infestation treatment company in Fremont, CA is a team that is able to properly identify the problems discussed earlier. When you have a insect inspection done, all of the dirty work of crawling into spider web-infested, dusty crawlspaces, and around the foundation, is done by the professionals.

You can expect our professionals in Fremont, CA to thoroughly scrutinize both sides of the foundation of the surfaces. Critical areas to be visited are:

  • Openings in concrete masonry units, expansion contact points, brick structures and cemented areas.
  • Areas of the house where stone and bricks meet wooden structures
  • All wooden spaces and areas of the house such as the basement, sills, frames, posts, joist, and piers.
  • Old and moist wood around the house in the form of wood stumps, fences, disposed wood and window frames.

Our experts in Fremont, CA should also inspect on signs of swarm breeding or shed insect wings. While you can do an inspection yourself, it is best to have a professional in Fremont, CA  help you out to avoid missing the signs of a beginning infestation. Our experts have trained senses to detect the early stages of infestation which your untrained eye may have missed.

Termite Control in Fremont, CA       

When it comes to controlling these termites, only trust a company like SolutionTermiteControl, so you can rest assured by the thought that these annoying wood eaters will not bother you anymore. Get in touch with us today! It is always best to discuss your termite control options with a professional and reputable company, such as SolutionTermiteControl in Fremont, CA. Solutions range from various chemical methods and applications in specific parts of the house and to manual extermination practices.

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