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If you recently noticed small water-like blots on your wooden walls, having the right information on how to properly conduct a real estate termite inspection in Sacramento, CA is the key to solving your problem. Helpful details and tips are discussed below on what signs to look out for bug infestation. Find out more about infestation, and how you can communicate with a reliable company who can help you with the problem.



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Types of Wood Termites in Sacramento, CA

There are 3 types of these wood-eating termites in the Sacramento, CA area and they include the following:

  • Formosan
  • Dry Wood
  • Subterranean

The subterranean kind is the most common of the three, and one that you will often found in Sacramento, CA. Termites of this kind feed on cellulose, and the fact that cellulose can be found in wood and wood products can explain why subterranean termites cause at least 95% of damages to homes and office structures year in and year out. In fact, this is the type of this insect that you will find most often in the Sacramento, CA area, and the one most requested for termite control. They cause 95% of the frustrating damage to home and business owner’s structures each year.

Telltale Signs in Sacramento, CA

There are accurate signs you can look for so that you can initially suspect a home or a structure to be plagued by wood termites.

You may find it unimaginable that creatures can silently creep into your home in Sacramento, CA without you knowing it, causing irreversible damage.

The following are some of the signs you can easily observe from an infested house in Sacramento, CA:

  • Small mud-like tunnels on wooden window frames and walls
  • Occurrence of little ant-like insects with wings attracted to light.
  • Mud tunnels: flat and muddy looking, about the width of a pencil
  • Blown up portions in ceilings and walls
  • Moldy or musty smell
  • Water-like blots on wooden surfaces

If you see any or all of these signs, you need termite control in Sacramento, CA. Being aware of how they ended up creating a breeding ground in your homes will help you in tracing possible sources of infiltration and prevent further damage to your property.

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Problematic Construction Practices in Sacramento, CA

Annoying infestation problems in Sacramento, CA are often the result of faults in construction. Even minor glitches in the manner of construction can provide the gateway for the wood eaters to creep in your home without anyone noticing it.

Some of the biggest facets of problematic construction that can lead to an infestation include the following:

  • Drainage Issues:  Drainage issues, such as insufficiently extended eaves or downspouts that are too short to accommodate the water from the foundation of your home, are problems that can lead to infestation. When the moisture created, infestation begins. Moisture is where these termites love to thrive on. If there are faults in the grading of your landscape, the drainage can be insufficient, thus, increasing the possibility of infestation.
  • Wood in Soil Contact: The presence of wood in the soil makes your area in Sacramento, CA prone to infestation, making control measures a possibility if not a necessity.
  • Leftover Building Materials: Remember that subterranean termites take their nourishment from cellulose, and cellulose can be contained in back-filled construction debris, especially wood. This also goes to say that wood left in CMUs or masonry units can be infested, and so can leaving grade stakes, form boards and spacers in slabs.
  • Home Landscaping: The practice of landscaping in Sacramento, CA is not a direct construction matter but in areas where the intent is within the effective vicinity of the house structure, it should be monitored. Improper grading of landscaping fields may lead to water build-up and retention within gravel and sand against the foundation of the home. Uncontrolled moisture held against the structure of the house can become nesting sites of unwelcomed guests such as termites.

If you cannot avoid construction works or landscaping jobs in Sacramento, CA, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce the possibility infestation.

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Home Inspection

There are companies that perform termite inspection and although you may want to do it yourself.

These professionals are able to do a thorough real estate termite inspection of in termites-prone areas of the house such as narrow crawl spaces, basements, and attics.

Spaces inside and areas outside the house should be given thorough visits by your chosen inspection company so that every breeding ground is identified and marked.

Additionally, these other points may be inspected:

  • All wooden spaces and areas of the house such as the basement, sills, frames, posts, joist, and piers.
  • Openings in concrete masonry units, expansion contact points, brick structures and cemented areas.
  • Old and moist wood around the house in the form of wood stumps, fences, disposed wood and window frames.
  • Areas of the house where stone and bricks meet wooden structures

An inspection will include looking for swarms or discarded wings. Termite inspection does seem like hard work and is best left to the professionals in Sacramento, CA.

Termite Control in Sacramento, CA

Solutions range from various chemical methods and applications in specific parts of the house and to manual extermination practices. Contact us today to book an appointment in Sacramento, CA. The cost will depend on the type of treatment used. If you are working on your budget, you may be interested to find out how much you will be paying for termite control services in Sacramento, CA.

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