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Small holes in the wood? Buckling paint? Mud tunnels? Just a few of the signs that you might have a need for a termite inspection in your Pittsburg, CA home or business. As with many things in life, knowledge is power! Read on to learn more about the signs of termite infestation and how you can contact the right company in Pittsburg, CA. One or more of these signs indicate a possible infestation of wood eating insects in your walls and ceilings



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Main Species of Wood Bugs

Termites come in three kinds:

  • Formosan
  • Dry Wood
  • Subterranean

The most common type is subterranean. In fact, this is the type of this insect that you will find most often in the Pittsburg, CA area, and the one most requested for termite control. Bugs of this kind feed on cellulose, and the fact that cellulose can be found in wood and wood products can explain why subterranean bugs cause at least 95% of damages to homes and office structures year in and year out. Because of their prevalence, the termite inspection services of subterranean infestations rank the highest among the demanded services from home owners.

Telltale Signs in Pittsburg, CA

It takes a keen eye to detect signals that your home or office in Pittsburg, CA is infested. The following are some of the signs you can easily observe from an infested house in Pittsburg, CA:

  • Swarms: Winged insects form swarming tubes next to the structure and attraction to the light.
  • Swollen floors and ceilings
  • Small insects with wings flying and swarming around the nearest light source
  • Mud tunnels: flat and muddy looking, about the width of a pencil
  • Hollow sounding wood

It is important to eliminate any signs of termite once you see them. To further understand your predicament, it is best to be informed on the causes of the infestation and possible ways on how to treat wood termite infestation.

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Problematic Construction Practices Pittsburg, CA

Annoying infestation problems in Pittsburg, CA are often the result of faults in construction. A few simple mistakes during the construction of your home, can have a big impact on how easily these termites can access your Pittsburg, CA home.

Be smart to know about some issues that these termites find all too welcoming for comfort:

  • Drainage Issues:  Drainage issues, such as insufficiently extended eaves or downspouts that are too short to accommodate the water from the foundation of your home, are problems that can lead to infestation. When the moisture created, infestation begins. Moisture is where these bugs love to thrive on. If there are faults in the grading of your landscape, the drainage can be insufficient, thus, increasing the possibility of infestation.
  • Wood in Soil Contact: If you have wood in your home in Pittsburg, CA that comes in contact with the soil, that, too, can be a possible gateway for termites to get in. In which case, termite control may be a necessity in the near future.
  • Storage of Wooden Materials: Wooden materials that are leftover from home construction in Pittsburg, CA might end up being irresponsibly stored around and inside houses. Materials carelessly accumulated near houses become breeding grounds of various insects that cause sickness and damage, including wood bugs. Termites also get their way inside walls and ceiling because of misplaced wooden materials such as form boards, grade stakes and spacers within slabs.
  • Landscaping: While troublesome landscaping might not fall under a lack of care practice when considering construction in Pittsburg, CA, it definitely can be problematic if not graded correctly. You also send an invitation to these creatures when mulch or gravel is spread against the building’s foundation. This practice allows moisture to be held against the foundation, creating a prime habitat for living and foraging.

To summarize, in order to ensure your house in Pittsburg, CA is defended against wood pest deterioration, wood should be terminated properly so that it does not come into contact with soil, drainage installation should be sound, and wooden structures should be moisture-free all the time.

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Home Assessment

Hiring the most competent company in that specializes in termite inspection in Pittsburg, CA is the best course of action in dealing with pest infestations. These professionals are able to do a thorough real estate termite inspection of in pest-prone areas of the house such as narrow crawl spaces, basements, and attics.

Every nook and cranny of your home in Pittsburg, CA is scoured and visited in order to perform a detailed assessment of the structure of the house.

Other areas inspectors and home owners should look out for are the following:

  • All portions of the foundation that are made of wood, as well as the lower part of the home such as sills, sub floors, basement window frames, support posts and piers, and joists
  • Spaces where wood structures are attached to
  • Wood scraps around the home,  old tree stumps, wood fencing, and exterior frames of basement windows
  • All CMU’s, bricks construction, expansion joints, and cement cracks

Our experts in Pittsburg, CA should also inspect on signs of swarm breeding or shed insect wings. While you can do an inspection yourself, it is best to have a professional in Pittsburg, CA help you out to avoid missing the signs of a beginning infestation.

Effective Termite Control in Pittsburg, CA

Effective control of the wood-eating bugs in the house immediately follows the thorough termite inspection. Depending on your situation, treatment can range from chemical treatments to baiting practices. Our services varies in price as well as its success in eradicating the bugs that have invaded your home.

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