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If you just wandered around your house and found hollow wood or layers of paint sticking out or even numerous holes on your walls and ceilings, this hints an infestation—a termite inspection in your Gilroy, CA home is recommended to properly assess the situation. Read through the following to find out more about the signs of these pesky bugs, and how you can find the best company for help in Gilroy, CA. Read on to learn more about the signs of  infestation and how you can contact the right company in Gilroy, CA.



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Types of Wood Termites in Gilroy, CA

There are currently 3 major classifications by which wood termites are identified in Gilroy, CA:

  • Subterranean
  • Dry Wood
  • Formosan

The subterranean kind is the most common of the three, and one that you will often found in Gilroy, CA. Bugs of this kind feed on cellulose, and the fact that cellulose can be found in wood and wood products can explain why subterranean bugs cause at least 95% of damages to homes and office structures year in and year out. 95% of walls, ceiling and other wood structures in the home are destroyed, thanks to the propagation of this species.

Tell-tale Signs of Infestation

There are accurate signs you can look for so that you can initially suspect a home or a structure to be plagued by wood termites. Rather than fret over how they are able to get inside your home, know the following tell-tale signs that require the need for insect control so you can seek immediate help:

  • Water damage-like appearance
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Mud tunnels: flat and muddy looking, about the width of a pencil
  • Swollen floors and ceilings
  • Slight moldy or musty smell
  • Swarms: Winged insects from swarming tubes next to the structure and attraction to the light.

It is important to eliminate any signs of insect once you see them. To further understand your predicament, it is best to be informed on the causes of the infestation and possible ways on how to treat wood termite infestation.

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Problematic Construction Practices Gilroy, CA

One of the biggest contributors to an infestation in Gilroy, CA is troubling construction practices. Even errors which you think are minor or insignificant are all it takes for these insects to eat their way inside your home.

The following are some faulty workmanship that leads to gradual or easy infestation of these annoying bugs:

  • Drainage Issues:  Drainage issues, such as insufficiently extended eaves or downspouts that are too short to accommodate the water from the foundation of your home, are problems that can lead to infestation. When the moisture created, infestation begins. Moisture is where these bugs love to thrive on. If there are faults in the grading of your landscape, the drainage can be insufficient, thus, increasing the possibility of infestation.
  • Contact between Earth and Wood: Wooden structural elements should have the proper treatment and covers when it must meet earth or soil foundations, otherwise neglect will lead to a freeway of termites from outside to your house and an infestation develops.
  • Storage of Wooden Materials: Wooden materials that are leftover from home construction in might eGilroy, CA and up being irresponsibly stored around and inside houses. Materials carelessly accumulated near houses become breeding grounds of various insects that cause sickness and damage, including wood bugs. Termites also get their way inside walls and ceiling because of misplaced wooden materials such as form boards, grade stakes and spacers within slabs.
  • Unguided Landscaping: Attention should be given to the landscaping effort around the house. The wrong grading of landscaping that involves gravel lets moisture accumulate and set around the house, as well as its base. Moist wood is clearly an attractive site for bugs dwelling.

As you can see, when it comes to protecting your Gilroy, CA home against wood damage, you must mitigate the soil to wood contact as well as ensure proper drainage to keep the soil by your foundation as dry as possible.

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Home Inspection

A competent infestation treatment company in Gilroy, CA is a team that is able to properly identify the problems discussed earlier. When you have a termite inspection done, all of the dirty work of crawling into spider web-infested, dusty crawlspaces, and around the foundation, is done by the professionals.

As the inspection is conducted interior and exterior surfaces of the foundation are examined and any wood in the basement or crawlspace are examined. Other areas inspectors and homeowners should look out for are the following:

  • All wooden portions of the foundation and lower level of the home such as sills, sub floors, basement window frames, support posts and piers, and joists
  • All CMU’s, bricks construction, expansion joints, and cracks in cement
  • Spaces where a porch, steps, or slabs join with wood structures
  • They may also inspect scrap wood around the home, old tree stumps, wood fencing, and exterior frames of basement windows

An inspector should also keep eyes open for any swarms flying around light sources at night and any traces of shed wings from insects. Termite inspection does seem like hard work and is best left to the professionals in Gilroy, CA. This kind of job is best left in the care of professionals.

Termite Control in Gilroy, CA

Available control and treatment methods have their own distinct effectiveness and extent of coverage which are proportional to their prices. It is always wise to talk to a credible professional termite control company, like SolutionTermiteControl, to discuss which option will be most successful in getting rid of the pesky bugs in your home. The rate for chemical treatments in Gilroy, CA is not the same as the rate for baiting practices, and the success rate also varies. The cost will depend on the type of treatment used.

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