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If your home is infested, you will need an immediate termite inspection service in your Folsom, CA home or business. As with many things in life, knowledge is power! Helpful details and tips are discussed below on what signs to look out for bug infestation.



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3 Main Types

Before anything else, you will want to know that wood-eating bugs are generally of three kinds:

  • Subterranean
  • Formosan
  • Dry Wood

The most common type is subterranean. Wood is the main food of these annoying bugs because the material contains cellulose, which is the component they use for survival and reproduction. 95% of walls, ceiling and other wood structures in the home are destroyed, thanks to the propagation of this species. Subterranean termites are the most common, and they are often the cause of requests for pest control  in Folsom, CA.

Major Symptoms in Folsom, CA

Some of the symptoms of a termite infestation in homes were hinted in the previous paragraphs. Don’t allow these termites to take control of your home; rather, be mindful of the following signals that warrant termite control right away:

  • Hollow areas of walls made from wood
  • Traces of muddy or pungent odor
  • Blown up portions in ceilings and walls
  • Occurrence of little ant-like insects with wings attracted to light.
  • Tunnels made from mud on floors and walls
  • Stains and blots in wood surfaces

Having one or more of the signs above confirm a wood termite infestation in your home in Folsom, CA.

To further understand your predicament, it is best to be informed on the causes of the infestation and possible ways on how to treat wood termite infestation.

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Faulty Workmanship

Poor construction habits and practices of home builders and renovators are the leading cause of termite problems in houses in Folsom, CA. Problematic habits and practices during the construction phase of the house can easily cause major complications in the integrity of the house against wood-eating bugs.

Some of the constructions faults that cause termite infestations and must be given full attention are the following:

  • Drain Construction: Water should always be drawn away from the house all the time. When water or moisture accumulates in wrongly sized eaves and downspouts, these areas become breeding grounds to all kinds of termites. Water infiltration to the cavities of walls and ceilings also make excellent sites for wood bug colonies.
  • Contact between Earth and Wood: Wooden structural elements should have the proper treatment and covers when it must meet earth or soil foundations, otherwise neglect will lead to a freeway of termites from outside to your house and an infestation develops.
  • Leftover Building Materials: Did you know that sometimes leftover building materials, including wood materials, are backfilled into your porch, or slab area? This backfilling leaves a perfect source of cellulose, and a perfect home for these subterranean insects in Folsom, CA. Another problematic construction practice is to leave wood debris inside concrete masonry units or CMU’s; as well as leaving grade stakes, form boards, and spacers in the slab.
  • Landscaping: Sufficient care practice must be applied to every landscaping job in Folsom, CA. However, the lack thereof does not necessarily result in faulty landscaping jobs, where construction in Folsom, CA is concerned. Still, it is important to understand that issues on infestation can start with poorly graded landscaping because that can cause a lot of gravel to pool right into your home’s foundation. This consequently produces moisture, and these termites, as we know, just love moisture.

As you can see, when it comes to protecting your Folsom, CA home against wood damage, you must mitigate the soil to wood contact as well as ensure proper drainage to keep the soil by your foundation as dry as possible.

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Home Inspection

A competent infestation treatment company in Folsom, CA is a team that is able to properly identify the problems discussed earlier. When you have a termite inspection done, all of the dirty work of crawling into spider web-infested, dusty crawlspaces, and around the foundation, is done by the professionals.

Spaces inside and areas outside the house should be given thorough visits by your chosen inspection company so that every breeding ground is identified and marked.

Additionally, these other points may be inspected:

  • Areas where concrete materials contact wood
  • Structures made from  concrete masonry units, cement, and bricks
  • Storage of wood pieces, tree parts and broken wood structures
  • Wooden structures and foundations which include frames, posts, joists and sills.

Discarded wings or swarms indicate the presence of termites, and our team of busters will be looking for these, as well. While you can do an inspection yourself, it is best to have a professional in Folsom, CA help you out to avoid missing the signs of a beginning infestation.

Termite Control Services in Folsom, CA

Available control and treatment methods have their own distinct effectiveness and extent of coverage which are proportional to their prices. Solution Pest Control in Folsom, CA is your best bet in finding a competent and dedicated termite control company that should be able to guide you in properly inspecting your area in Folsom, CA and performing effective treatment to your home.

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