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Small holes in the wood? Buckling paint? Mud tunnels? Just a few of the signs that you might have a need for a termite inspection in your Antioch, CA home or business. These signs can mean damage has already begun, in which case, the need for a termite inspection is imminent. Seeing signs such as small holes on the wood, buckling paint, and mud tunnels means that you need to get your home or your business inspected.



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3 Main Types

Termites come in three kinds:

  • Formosan
  • Subterranean
  • Dry Wood

The subterranean kind is the most common of the three, and one that you will often found in Antioch, CA. They cause 95% of the frustrating damage to home and business owner’s structures each year. Not surprising, most requests for pest control involve the subterranean bug.

Telltale Signs in Antioch, CA

There are accurate signs you can look for so that you can initially suspect a home or a structure to be plagued by wood termites.

The telltale signs that normally accompany these bad boys in Antioch, CA homes are:

  • Slight moldy or musty smell
  • Swarms: Winged insects form swarming tubes next to the structure and attraction to the light.
  • Small mud-like tunnels on wooden window frames and walls
  • Hollow areas of walls made from wood
  • Swollen floors and ceilings
  • Small mud-like tunnels on wooden window frames and walls

Having one or more of the signs above confirm a wood pest infestation in your home in Antioch, CA.

Contacting a professional will not only help you get rid of unwanted termites but also prevent them from spreading even further.

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Faulty Workmanship

Poor construction habits and practices of home builders and renovators are the leading cause of pest problems in houses in Antioch, CA. A few simple mistakes during the construction of your home, can have a big impact on how easily these termites can access your Antioch, CA home.

Some of the constructions faults that cause pest infestations and must be given full attention are the following:

  • Drain Construction: Water should always be drawn away from the house all the time. When water or moisture accumulates in wrongly sized eaves and downspouts, these areas become breeding grounds to all kinds of termites. Water infiltration to the cavities of walls and ceilings also make excellent sites for wood bug colonies.
  • Wood in Soil Contact: If you have wood buried in or even near the edge of your soil, you’ve given a solid and direct pathway for these termites to enter your home and this might lead to a need for termite control.
  • Leftover Building Materials: Did you know that sometimes leftover building materials, including wood materials, are backfilled into your porch, or slab area? This backfilling leaves a perfect source of cellulose, and a perfect home for these subterranean insects in Antioch, CA. Another problematic construction practice is to leave wood debris inside concrete masonry units or CMU’s; as well as leaving grade stakes, form boards, and spacers in the slab.
  • Home Landscaping: The practice of landscaping in Antioch, CA is not a direct construction matter but in areas where the intent is within the effective vicinity of the house structure, it should be monitored. Improper grading of landscaping fields may lead to water build-up and retention within gravel and sand against the foundation of the home. Uncontrolled moisture held against the structure of the house can become nesting sites of unwelcomed guests such as termites.

To summarize, in order to ensure your house in Antioch, CA is defended against wood pest deterioration, wood should be terminated properly so that it does not come into contact with soil, drainage installation should be sound, and wooden structures should be moisture-free all the time.

This helps prevent incidents in Antioch, CA that can cause moisture, because once moisture sets in, it will not be long before termites will invade your home.

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Inspecting your House for Signs

Have your area inspected for termites and make sure to hire the services of a credible company in Antioch, CA that conducts reliable inspections. When you have a termite inspection done, all of the dirty work of crawling into spider web-infested, dusty crawlspaces, and around the foundation, is done by the professionals.

Every nook and cranny of your home in Antioch, CA is scoured and visited in order to perform a detailed assessment of the structure of the house.

Additionally, these other points may be inspected:

  • All CMU’s, bricks construction, expansion joints, and cracks in cement
  • They may also inspect scrap wood around the home, old tree stumps, wood fencing, and exterior frames of basement windows
  • Spaces where a porch, steps, or slabs join with wood structures
  • All wooden portions of the foundation and lower level of the home such as sills, sub floors, basement window frames, support posts and piers, and joists

Discarded wings or swarms indicate the presence of termites, and our team of busters will be looking for these, as well. Our experts have a trained eye to detect the signs of infestation, and you need to be thorough when conducting inspection.

Termite Control in Antioch, CA

The cost of the services is dependent on your choice of treatment. Solution Pest Control will deliver reliable termite control and provide effective treatment of your pest problems in Antioch, CA. Available control and treatment methods have their own distinct effectiveness and extent of coverage which are proportional to their prices.

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