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If you recently noticed small water-like blots on your wooden walls, having the right information on how to properly conduct a real estate termite inspection in South San Francisco, CA is the key to solving your problem. Read through the following to find out more about the signs of these pesky termites, and how you can find the best company for help in South San Francisco, CA. It can be difficult to handle active termite infestation so you will need the help of professionals.



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3 Main Types

Termites come in three kinds:

  • Dry Wood
  • Subterranean
  • Formosan

Telltale Signs in South San Francisco, CA

You’ve noticed a few signs that may indicate whether or not you have an infestation.

Among the other signs of such termite problems in South San Francisco, CA include the following:

  • Mud tunnels: flat and muddy looking, about the width of a pencil
  • Water damage-like appearance
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Traces of muddy or pungent odor
  • Moldy or musty smell
  • Swarms: Winged insects form swarming tubes next to the structure and attraction to the light.

If you see any or all of these signs, you need termite control in South San Francisco, CA.

Contacting a professional will not only help you get rid of unwanted termites but also prevent them from spreading even further.

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Problematic Construction Practices

One of the biggest contributors to an infestation in South San Francisco, CA is troubling construction practices. Below standard construction practices and methods undermine the ability of the house to properly safeguard itself against dilapidation and infiltration of not just wood termites but other kinds of problems as well.

Be smart to know about some issues that these termites find all too welcoming for comfort:

  • Drainage Considerations: Some builders neglect the proper practices in South San Francisco, CA when constructing effective pathways of water around and away from the structure of your house. Short eaves and downspouts cause water from rain and snow tend to hold water and moisture against the walls and foundation of the house instead of carrying it away like it should. Water that seeps through the wood provides suitable environments for wood termites to thrive in.
  • Wood in Soil Contact: The presence of wood in the soil makes your area in South San Francisco, CA prone to infestation, making control measures a possibility if not a necessity.
  • Improper Disposal of Materials: After construction in South San Francisco, CA, there are some builders who carelessly pile their leftover building materials in hidden areas, like the back of your house. Wooden materials left outside are prone to moisture and water seepage, which becomes a fertile breeding and survival ground for termites. Wood leftovers, such as spacers, form boards and grade stakes, should never be stored anywhere inside concrete masonry units.
  • Landscaping: While troublesome landscaping might not fall under a lack of care practice when considering construction in South San Francisco, CA, it definitely can be problematic if not graded correctly. You also send an invitation to these creatures when mulch or gravel is spread against the building’s foundation. This practice allows moisture to be held against the foundation, creating a prime habitat for living and foraging.

As you can see, when it comes to protecting your South San Francisco, CA home against wood damage, you must mitigate the soil to wood contact as well as ensure proper drainage to keep the soil by your foundation as dry as possible. One is to prevent wood to get in contact with the soil as much as possible and two, have a good drainage system so the soil is left dry.

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Home Assessment

Have your area inspected for termites and make sure to hire the services of a credible company in South San Francisco, CA that conducts reliable inspections. Hiring the services of professionals may be smarter, considering that the job requires a lot of crawling and creeping in the dirtiest and darkest portions of your home.

Every nook and cranny of your home in South San Francisco, CA is scoured and visited in order to perform a detailed assessment of the structure of the house. Other areas inspectors and home owners should look out for are the following:

  • All CMU’s, bricks construction, expansion joints, and cement cracks
  • Wood scraps around the home,  old tree stumps, wood fencing, and exterior frames of basement windows
  • All portions of the foundation that are made of wood, as well as the lower part of the home such as sills, sub floors, basement window frames, support posts and piers, and joists
  • Spaces where wood structures are attached to

Discarded wings or swarms indicate the presence of termites, and our team of busters will be looking for these, as well. Termite inspection does seem like hard work and is best left to the professionals in South San Francisco, CA.

Termite Control in South San Francisco, CA

Depending on your situation, treatment can range from chemical treatments to baiting practices. Contact us today to book an appointment in South San Francisco, CA. If you are working on your budget, you may be interested to find out how much you will be paying for termite control services in South San Francisco, CA. The cost will depend on the type of treatment used.

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