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Offering quality pest control services for people throughout Palo Alto, CA, SolutionPestControl has gained the trust and respect of clients for offering free detailed inspections and with the creation of personalized plans. We create and implement a customized pest control plan to get rid of bugs for good. Our clients’ safety and convenience are our priority so we ensure that we thoroughly inspect your home and its premises before we draft any kind of plan.

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Free Assessment

Because SolutionPestControl Palo Alto, CA puts customers first, you can rest assured that we will take the time to discuss our findings with you and answer any questions that you may have. Our professionals are experts at examining your home and backyard, thoroughly checking all possible entry points for insects. All possible locations that could harbor those will be closely inspected. Our exterminator will provide the appropriate treatments to your home to ensure all rodents and insects residing in and around your home are eliminated. We will then make the appropriate suggestions for any alterations that could be made around your home’s perimeter to prevent potential infestation.

Once the damage extent and type of insects are determined, we meticulously reexamine your existing measures and come up with a more solid solution to the problem. We believe that a thorough inspection with complete assessment of the extent of insect problem will allow us to come up with a customized solution that’s appropriate for the kind problem you’re experiencing. Inspection must be carried out by a licensed professional who is knowledgeable about problems. If problems are discovered, our inspector will work to identify creatures, uncover any related damage, assess any structural concerns, and carefully review any sanitation practices that could be contributing factors.

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Palo Alto, CA Pest Control

There are numerous bugs that can already be inside your home or are waiting to infest your home. Insect management should never be an option, but a necessity that should be regularly monitored and refined. With the help of our Palo Alto, CA exterminator, we can monitor, refine, and implement an effect bug control solution for any kind of insects.


Our exterminator knows how to address each issue and what are the most proven effective solutions for addressing each kind of bug. Our people will expertly determine what you need and will appropriately take care of all your worries.

Here are some of the more common pests we face in the Palo Alto, CA  area.

✓ Cockroaches – cockroaches are by nature very unsanitary. There’s also the fact that cockroaches are just plain disgusting creatures. Let Solution Pest Control eliminate them from your household right away.

✓ Termites – termites are a boon to homeowners because it can damage the structure of your home. Where these pests want to build a home, there the damage will be greatest also. Termite infestation in households can be controlled through our help.

✓ Ants – most houses experience ant problems at one point in time, and controlling these from building a home inside your home can be very tricky. These pesky insects are just very persistent. Our experienced exterminators will come up with a surefire ant control solution to eradicate these creatures once and for all.

✓ Bees and wasps – bees and wasps have deadly stings, and you can be the next target of this if you fail to get rid of them in your surroundings. Allow us to professionally take out these insects’ home safely.

✓ Fleas and ticks – while this is most prevalent in households with pets, fleas and ticks can also be carried by wildlife creatures into your home unknowingly. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to protect and prevent these bugs from entering your home with our effective treatment solution.

✓ Bed bugs – bed bugs have become a health concern in Palo Alto, CA. Bed bugs can cause skin rashes and allergies, so it’s best to solve this problem before it gets worse. Call our professional exterminator to rid your household of these little pests.

✓ Spiders – there are spider species that are harmless, but there are also those that are harmful. Either way, for the protection of your family, contact us to help get rid of spiders in your household.

✓ Mosquitoes – mosquitoes are not only bothersome with all the bites you get, but it is a carrier of a lot of diseases. Having a humid weather condition does not help in the proliferation of these bugs. Contact us for a customized mosquito control plan.

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Rodent Control in Palo Alto, CA

While rodents scavenge in your home, it can be a nuisance and can even damage property. While rodents enter you home innocently enough in search of water, food, and warmth, they sometimes decide they want to live in your house too and end up causing serious damage.

Trusted Palo Alto, CA Pest Control and Rodent Control

When you are needing quality pest and rodent control services in Palo Alto, CA you can entrust SolutionPestControl to give you the right solution to make sure your home is free from pests and rodents that cause damage and cause health problems. You can rely on us to exterminate all bugs that can be harmful to your family and home. We believe that a highly customized is necessary for different kinds of pests in order to efficiently remove the infestation. Contact us right away so we can assess your pest problems and come up with customized solutions!

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