Beehive Removal Demystified


The removal of a bee swarm is a serious task that cannot be undertaken by those who are unequipped. However, this does not mean that beehive removal can only be undertaken by pest control firms. Bee removal can be done in the most humane manner and with use of little or no money.

Why a Swarm of Bees Sting

Most people find a bee swarm fascinating whereas others see it as scary. The sight of a thick cloud of bees in the air may cause panic but you need to understand that a bee swarm is not in a mission to attack. They are basically on a mission of finding a new home. The swarm may land on a usable place such as a tree branch as its scout bees look out for a suitable place to inhabit permanently.

Swarming bees are never aggressive until they are threatened. Try to keep your distance and they will never attack you. In fact, if left undisturbed they will eventually get a useful place and move away.

Important Steps for Effective Bee Removal

You do not have to be an expert in order remove bees. These useful insects are quite friendly if they are handled with diligence. Follow these simple steps to get effective results during beehive removal;

Step 1-Keep Distance-bees dislike any kind of disturbance and you should therefore give them space. They will be aggressive if they feel they are threatened. They protect their queen and any kind of intrusion is treated as an invasion on their territory. To avoid an attack keep your distance. Pets and people who are allergic to bees should also be kept away from the swarm or hive.

Step 2-Traps and Insecticides-do not use insecticides in an effort to kill a swarm of bees. It is also tempting to catch the bees using a trap. Though these methods may seem effective, they may backfire and result in serious effects. As a matter of fact, EPA has banned most insecticides from being used near bees.

Step 3-Contact a Professional-if giving space to the bees proves to be ineffective, talk to a beekeeper or hire a professional to carry out the task. Most beekeepers are always willing to lend a helping hand and will not charge you. You can search for beekeepers within your local area by utilizing platforms provided by organizations such as Apiary Inspectors of America. You can also check out with American Beekeeping Federation. In case the swarm of bees cannot be managed by a beekeeper, hire a pest management professional.

Step 4-Post-Beehive Removal

Once the bees have been removed, you need to clean up any trace of honey, honey combs and other residues. These if left behind, will attract some insects and other animals. Therefore, ensure you get rid of any leftover honeycomb. You should also seal any entry points that were used by the bees.


You can greatly minimize the danger posed by swarming bees if you follow these simple steps. Bee removal should never be too costly if you understand how to handle swarming bees. You can always seek the help from an expert if you feel overwhelmed.